Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home is where the heart is

My brief and crazy trip to Colorado was awesome. We partied and talked as much as we could in such a short time. The time also served purpose as "doggy boot camp" for my sisters puppy and one more opportunity to create flexible children. It is weird being a visitor in the house we used to live in. It has gone back and forth between owners and now it is in it's rightful hands. Even though I could remember the long hours of painting the walls and tired moments staring at the celling, it certainly wasn't our place anymore.
In between all the parties and prep I got a much needed hour or so with a dear friend too and was reminded that good friends can always pick up where you left off, even friendship can grow deeper as you realize what you have in them.
I love Colorado, the mountains, my family, 11 years of growing and great memories. In the back of my mind I was worried I would realize how much I missed it all and would feel miserable going back to Missouri.
The journey back to the airport was a crazy adventure and one event just led to another. The luggage got loaded in the car last minute, gas was needed to make it DIA and then a need to help a sweet spirit. Adam, a special needs friend has been a part of different areas of the Springs since I can remember. At church, Wal-mart, and at the local YMCA. As we were making our way out of town we noticed him walking around with a very bloody face. We immediately dialed 911 and swung around to make sure he was okay. He was confused and we did our best to help him. The firemen had no better luck calming him than us and my dad stayed to try to help until he ran off. Thankfully, as we were filling up the car we could see that the ambulance finally arrived and they were able to sedate him and get him the help he needed. After those delays we hit Denver traffic, but seemed to make it to DIA in time. After trying to say good-bye with as few of tears as possible, we got checked in and ready to head through security. Of course, I made a wrong turn and took the long way to the elevator, which is were I finally realized I left the DVD player in the car. Crap! By this point my parents were a ways away but, because I really needed it, they turned around. To kill time I changed diapers and tried to use the bathroom myself, but everyone else felt the need to use the handicap stalls which also can serve as stroller/mommy bathroom. Oh well. After we got the DVD player I still had 35 mins to get to our gate. One wrong line after the other, no help for a mom with two babies, testing the water in the sippy cup my daughter was drinking (I mean really!) running, sweating, pushing stroller, holding two year old, Terminal C gate 48 the LAST of the LAST! (no joke- see for yourself) I missed it, I missed the plane! I wanted to cry, no, actually, I did cry. I sobbed! In front of the poor airline worker. I know I did my best, I prayed all the way when I thought I might miss it, but nope. The plane had just pushed away and there was nothing they could do. As I stood there miserably, the airline worker took my tickets and said at 3:55 I could get tickets for the 5:55 flight. Ironic. 5:55 was the time I was supposed to be home.
Hmm, I was surprised when that's what I called it, but that is exactly what it has become. More so than ever, I just wanted to be home.
Well, we did it. I was nervous enough about dealing with a one and two year old on an airplane, but we handled the 3 hour additional wait and the flight that took us well into bedtime danger zone. It was as smooth as it could be, certainly moments that tested my patience and opportunities to mold my daughters' wills.
There was nothing like the moment of walking into my husband's arms knowing we had survived it all.
In my time away and through the trials to get back, I realized that I had learned the meaning of "home is where the heart is." I will be okay here, more than okay. I have my husband and my girls. We have a full life and it is a blessing to make memories and adventures in a new place.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here are a couple pictures from our Easter in Iowa this past weekend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carousels, Freeways, and $8 well spent

Well, I conquered the 435 today. It wasn't that confusing, not like the 35 or whatever freeway I was supposed to take the other day. Anyway, I made it to JC Penny and the Overland Park Mall on the Kansas side. It was the first mall I've been to here and it was really nice. The photo shoot for Haydee's one year pictures (i know, i am 6 weeks late) went without too much drama. As usual, the photographer was slow on the trigger, but I have come to expect that. Then came time to choose the photos. The girls had been really great at this point and I had been daring and only brought the umbroller this time for Haydee, not the double stroller. Payge has been enjoying being tall enough to push the stroller and since it would only be in and out for pictures....
Well, there was one malfunction after another, first time parents with a one week old, and everyone on their lunch break picking up their pictures of precious ones. So, needless to say we were getting the push off and the girls had already gone through the animal cracker stash I had brought with me. It was supposed to be a quick trip, right?
So, we took a walk. Surely after 15 mins I could hop on a computer and make my photo selection, right? Well, that didn't seem to be long enough, so we decide to find the food court. On the way, there was the sound of a carousel. Little did I know what an impression the one time I had let Payge ride on one at the mall in Columbia last summer had made on her. I guess there was one time at the zoo, then a small one at Lil' Biggs. Anyway, she was thrilled and yelled, "eio, eio!" (this is her word for horse). So, I gave in a put out $4 for us to ride on the carousel, of course after we had to search for the elevator to take us down stairs. I was not going to risk a flimsy stroller and an excited 2 year old down the escalator. It was worth it. Payge chose her "eio" and there was a giant rabbit for Haydee to ride on next to her. I managed to pick them both up, place Payge on her's and then safely put Haydee on the rabbit. Somehow, I got both their seat belts on and away we went. What joy!! It is a memory I will have for a long time. For us right now, that $4 grocery money is precious, but it couldn't have been spent a better way. I was so proud of Payge, she of course wanted to go again, but from the beginning I warned her there would only be one ride. Obediently, we went on to find food- I think she was hungry enough to be ok about saying goodbye to the "eio". Thankfully, there was a Sonic and the trusty $1 menu, which even had a fresh banana choice! Again, $4, but I had three very happy girls who really were ready for lunch. Now, you must understand. I have never taken the girls alone to go eat somewhere. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you don't just take my girls anywhere, alone. Both are always trying to get out of their chairs at home, you can imagine the scene I have been fearful of in public. We did it though, very calmly and without calamity. We each got a burger and shared the banana three ways. Haydee would twist and turn in her seat and laugh at her precarious positions. It was funny really, she is so tiny, those things don't hold her in at all. Payge even got a mint afterwards and was quite thrilled with it all. So, was I!! I sat there smiling to myself, thinking of what I had accomplished. No longer do I have to be afraid to take them out by myself. It was fun!
So, finally it was time to see if the portrait studio was ready for us to pick out the pictures. We made it back, though Payge had to be carried back. Of course, I liked too many pictures and spent too much. Thank the Lord for coupons. Even more to my surprise I managed to find the right parking lot where our car was (thank goodness, Payge is closing in on 30 lbs you know!). You see, as a young kid whenever I went to a mall with my grandma she would get lost and we'd spend what seemed like hours trying to figure out where she had parked. So, I have this phobia whenever I go to a new big, confusing mall. You can understand, right?
We did it. Photos, lunch, "eio's", and the freeways. As a bonus the girls went right down for a nap when we got home. Its a sweet life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few pictures of our cozy new home. The layout is great with 3 bedrooms upstairs and an unfinished basement with plenty of room to play. We are really enjoying the wood-burning fireplace on these chilly days. Its great that Spence gets free wood! As you can see we got things on the wall last weekend. It really helped to make it feel like our place. With no painting to do (since we are renting) set up seem to come together easily. Again, I am amazed at what a great place this will be for us right now. We have a guest room all ready, so come and visit!!