Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Festival

Every year, the company my husband works for, converts their warehouse into a play area with bouncy houses, slides, and pony rides. It is just a fun time to meet the other employees and their families. We tried something new today and decided to skip naps for the girls. It worked since they are actually asleep before 10 tonight! Anyway, this afternoon we went and the girls had a blast riding the ponies and going on the slide at least 50 times.
Payge loved looking at her painted self in the mirror. Haydee took it all very seriously, she wanted something blue- she didn't care what, just as long as it was blue.

Just some cute pictures

Around 11 weeks

Well, as I am sure many moms of more than one can testify to, I have quickly lost track of Myles' age. I am just trying to remember that the 20th of each month means he is getting older, which is happening very quickly. I am doing my best to savor all the moments, but life keeps going and the piles are growing. Here are a few pictures from last weekend hanging out at home.
I realized this weekend, believe it or not, that he is already teething! Thankfully, he is tougher about it than the girls, but still I can't believe it. He is growing like crazy; in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight!


Well, my camera died as we went out to trick or treat this year, but I thought I would include the ones I had.
Spencer was down in Alabama with his dad visiting his grandparents. We missed the trip down there this summer, as we normally go in August, but being 38 weeks pregnant meant we had to miss out this time. Spencer's mom took the opportunity to come see her grandkids, dad and siblings and spent the weekend with us. I sure appreciated having company; we kept busy and the weekend flew by.
I really hadn't decided if I was going to have the girls participate in Halloween, just because I didn't know if they would actually care. Of course, after being asked "what are you going to be for Halloween?" by any interested adult and peer who knew what to look forward too, I didn't have a choice. Payge would often answer, "a princess" and Haydee would say, "Snow White".

The Friday before Halloween my mother in law and I went to a kids consignment store to look for clothes for the winter. We walked in and right away the girls went to the costume rack and found a beautiful princess costume in pink in Payge's size. I was worried that I wouldn't find a second comparable outfit for Haydee, but in two minutes I found an actual Snow White costume, exactly her size! I couldn't believe it! I debated buying a frog outfit for Myles, but I decided to pass this year.