Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Summer

Well, I can't believe we are almost finished with August, kids are back in school, but the heat is still up around here. It has been a crazy busy, summer, more than I anticipated, but its been full of good memories and still time yet for more to be made.
I started a new job at the Y teaching swim lessons and also worked on getting re-certified for lifeguarding. April got married in June and Aaron got married in July. We went to Iowa for the 4th and , drove to Colorado for the June wedding, North Carolina for the July one. In one weekend I drove to Tulsa and then to Columbia. We had my parents drive through and stay the night as they moved to Tennessee and one week part of Spencer's family came for a visit. To top it all off we took a trip to Branson to spend a week with all of the Wicks clan. Phew! No wonder we haven't really met anyone in town!
I wish I could say the fall and winter was going to be slower, but it looks like between fishing, hunting, canning visits and the Holidays we will be gone once or twice a month. So, its a good thing we have a comfortable mini-van and I'm working that extra job for all the gas!
In the meantime, Spencer is enjoying his job and the promise of a good future with the business and the girls get more fun everyday. Payge and I have attempted potty-training a couple of times, but this week I think we will have success. I've only got some evening classes to teach so I thought I would enjoy a slow week and get'r done! I am praying through every moment and take comfort that millions have gone before me.
The girls and I found a closer park recently and had a blast feeding the ducks in the giant pond and watching Haydee climb up higher on the equipment every time she got a chance. She is such a little daredevil and thinks she can fly. Both girls have loved to swim this summer and I dread going because they also both believe they know how to swim. Last week we had some milder weather and we went to the Deanna Rose petting zoo again and even though I was sad to not have any friends or family to go with me, the girls and I had an awesome day together.
I am, as I do every year, looking very much towards fall and I think this year will be the best yet. With colors only the Midwest can offer and the joy of the heat and humidity gone, I know it will be good.