Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer haze

Well, summer in Kansas City has been waaayyy hotter than I ever dreamed. They say it doesn't usually get like this until July/August, but we've already hit triple digits not to mention the same in humidity. Ugh. Enough complaining, I am trying to work on my attitude and remain grateful for the a/c.
I've been a little neglectful on everything lately. The wedding in Colorado and then I came back full steam to a new job teaching swim lessons at the YMCA. I am enjoying it and now being off this week. I'm so grateful that the Lord opened this opportunity. It has forced me to take the girls swimming too and they have loved it. Payge is quite the swimmer, which would not be too much of a surprise since both mommy and daddy always loved the water. Its hard to get her out of the pool now and she's not too happy with me when we go to the Y and she doesn't get to go in. Haydee likes it too, but she's not been feeling very well. I think its two year old molars and believe me its been miserable both night and day. Praise the Lord those will be the last ones... just a little bit longer.
Payge showed great interest in potty training, but I have been unsuccessful in accomplishing much progress so far. My mom bought me a book that she read and used to potty train me, it worked in less than a day- go figure. After I finish reading it and try to find all the tools they recommend, I might try again. I really have been praying about it and so far the Lord has not blessed my efforts. So, I wait and see if she'll be ready to try again soon. Another right of passage in parenting. I can now talk knowingly about the battles of pt.
We haven't loaded many recent pictures, but this one of Haydee is too cute. This is what we call the "papau expression" her sister does it and so do two of her cousins. I see it a lot these days, she is getting more communicative. Especially, when we have time alone if she gets up before Payge, I try to enjoy those quieter moments and let her babble. I try to cuddle her too, but she won't sit still for anything these days. When she is half asleep I try to steal those sacred moments. Ahhh, they do grow up so quickly. Its hard to not wish the hard days away when they are so dang hard, but I am trying to savor the sweet things and remind myself it won't be like this forever.