Thursday, January 5, 2012


 It was our turn to be with my side of the family for Thanksgiving and originally we had planned to be traveling to Tennessee. As we have learned awhile ago, we might make plans, but the Lord directs our paths.
My parents are now back in Colorado Springs, exactly where the Lord wants them.
Because their home had been trashed by renters we had to all cram in my sisters home, but we had a great time celebrating all that we are thankful for. 

 I drove out with the kids by myself and thanks to lots of prayer they actually did really awesome. Considering it took about 12 hours with stops. Myles ate pretty much the whole way there minus an hour nap. We also found our perfect stopping place in Ellis, Kansas where there was a Subway and a fantastic play place so the kids could burn off some steam.
 It was so great to be with everyone and catch up with a few friends this visit. I am so grateful that Colorado Springs can be where we can be with my whole family and a place we will get to visit often. There is nothing like the beauty of the mountains and Colorado sky.
 Mimi and Aunt Aunie did a turkey craft with the girls, after we all chowed down a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. Yummy, need to make those again.
 Cousin Dawson is growing up so quickly! Everyone enjoyed getting to play or hold him. Myles was so gentle with him, it was really precious to watch.
Kyle took a few family photos for us before we headed back home to Kansas City.
We are so blessed!

The great hair cut

Ok, so I am a little behind, I have lots of great reasons. Here is one of the random happenings from November. 
 While fixing a late dinner on a Tuesday, we heard the girls giggling upstairs. I thought, at the time, it was so great to hear them playing so nicely. After being at the dinner table for about 10 minutes I noticed Payge's hair looked especially odd. I looked longer, closer, and a shriek of dismay escaped me. Of course, the girls start crying right away, because they know why I am horrified. We assessed the damage and from what we could gather, Haydee was the hairstylist. Payge just went along for the ride, maybe, one can't be too sure. Payge now had bangs and random large chunks of missing hair and Haydee had back and side bangs. Mostly, it looked like a mullet. I kid you not.
I didn't get any "befores" of Haydee because it was just hard to see, as a whole, she fit right into Missouri style. The cute cuts are working out nicely now, though yesterday as I was hacking away I found it depressing for some reason.
Anyway, thought you would enjoy the pictures. At least they love their new style! Though today Haydee was telling me she wished her hair would grow faster.