Monday, July 23, 2012


I know, I've been terrible. I tend to do things in spurts, I've noticed. I do so great for awhile, but then I fall off the horse. At least that is just with the blog, well, maybe just the blog. Wish I could be superwoman!
We had a great Spring, enjoyed playing outside everyday thoroughly enjoying our cul-de-sac. What an incredible blessing our new neighborhood is, it is amazing, truly. They threw us a block party, which was lovely and they happily enjoy all the noise our kiddos make playing early in the morning. I finished some projects before our Memorial Weekend Wicks/Hansen reunion and then summer hit. Company, trip #1, trip #2, swim a little, trip #3, more company, wicked heat, and now we are squeezing in playdates before trip #4! I haven't taken a single picture with our really nice camera because Instagram has taken over my life, but I sure am thankful for it! My in-laws are on it and it so kindly posts to FB where my dad and siblings can see what we are up too. Lately, we don't even need to call and talk, because they know what is going on. My mom on the other hand....
So, I have no pictures to upload, just crazy stories of all the driving WITHOUT air conditioning, how amazing the girls can swim, Myles's spider bite and being cured of his fear of dogs, and how HOT Missouri can get in the summer. So, now I am reminded to walk around and take some pictures of the little updates in the house, which will motivate me to do more projects, which will make me too busy to write on the blog... I kid; sort of.