Friday, September 5, 2014


My pastor mentioned once, that at any given time we are just finishing walking through a crisis, about to head into one or in the middle of what we see as a trial. I would venture the same is to be said of miracles.
I'm in need of one now. Really, I could use a few.
How often do the bigger needs take our eyes off the small victories?
Just a few weeks ago, we drove to my in-laws in Iowa. Only about a 5 hour trip, but we were bringing the very important Jack Stack ribs and beans for dinner! This was an easy drive, just our youngest with us, we were carefree and fun. We made it just in time and the whole gang was waiting for the food, er I mean, our arrival.
We headed out later that evening with friends, to go look at favorite places around town and hear memories from my husband and his friend of 25+ years. As we pulled back up to the house we noticed that our van, which had sat in the drive way since we arrived earlier that day, had a very flat tire. What a bummer! I wanted to moan over the money & time that was about to be spent, but I found myself saying something that surprised even myself. What a miracle that it happened after we finished our drive, instead of somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
So true. Certainly, I am far from a saint and can easily count it all joy, but I let myself think about my response. In many ways, this could've gone down differently that would have changed the whole scenario. I personally, have experienced a few inconvenient flat tires in my life.
I was truly grateful that the tire went flat when it did.
Learning gratefulness, practicing gratefulness. Eventually, hopefully, experiencing gratefulness in the fullness of how our Lord desires.
Until that time, I choose to meditate on the ones that I have already journeyed through. The reality is, I can't even remember half of all that I've been given and I'm confident that when I get to heaven, many will be revealed that I hadn't noticed here on earth.
I wait. You might be waiting as well, but in the meantime; see and experience the miracles of the everyday.
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