Monday, September 19, 2011

The Party

We got back from Branson and five days later my sister, "Aunt Aunie", came for the long Labor Day weekend. I have no pictures from her visit, but I know she took at least a hundred. If I had just remembered to download the pictures from her camera...
Anyway, her visit was great. It had been over 5 months since we got to see her and we enjoyed every minute. Hopefully, I will get my hands on some of those pictures!
She helped me get ready for the birthday party we had for Myles the following Saturday, when my parents would be visiting. It never worked out to give the girls a first year birthday and I really regret that. So, since this is the last, I had to makes sure I got it in. Of course, it has nothing to do with the kid's enjoyment, it is just a chance for the parents to celebrate their first year of life. What a year it was!
More pictures to come of my parents short visit, but I had to document the pictures we had of the party.

Myles also started walking the day they flew in. That morning after breakfast he took several steps from the table to the kitchen!
By the way, hope you noticed I am finally learning new technology.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Branson 2011

One of our best memories- laughing until we cried on the boat ride!
Myles fell asleep in Mom's arms
Two years ago my in-laws took us to Branson, MO for the first time. Admittedly, neither Spencer and I were really that excited about it, mostly because we had a 1 year old and a 2 year old, at the time and family vacations had been stressful in the past. It was an amazing trip though and we couldn't wait to go again. Maybe because we figured out how to “switch out” the parenting responsibilities to give each other a vacation or maybe just because Branson is that much fun!

This year, we went for a week of Branson fun with the in-laws, minus Spencer’s sister, husband and four kids. We missed them, but still had a great time. 
We had a boat reservation, but of course it was for the only day that we had rain all morning. We still ventured out and held our breath as lightning flashed around us and the thunder was rolling. At one point we all started laughing hysterically as the rain pounded down on us. It was so comical, all of us out there, the only boat on the water and with two little babies and three kids. You had to be there, but it turned out to be a fantastic day on the boat, as soon as the rain let up.  

The kids got a turn alone on the tube. It lasted until dad revved up and they all fell in. Spencer and I had to use our lifeguard skills to get out there to them quickly. Everyone was fine of course, but we decided not to send them out again without more body weight. We made sure they "got back on the horse", so they wouldn't be scared to try again!
Myles is such a water baby. Just like his sisters; fearless and ready to swim. We love the pool there plus it is just steps from the house we rent.
Papau's buddy, he slept in their closet and loved it when Papau would rescue him from the pack'n'play every morning.

Nanny and Bompa also joined us this year again. The Bievers are long time family friends, practically family, and enjoyed watching all the clever and cute things the kids were doing every minute!

Silver Dollar City Fun!

We tried any rides we could get on. Since school had started in town, SDC was fairly empty. It was Gospel week so the only problem was trying to stay out of the way of the crazy old people on their electric wheel chairs. Watch out!
June is so cute. Haydee loved holding her real life "dolly".

We had to celebrate Myles's first birthday together with some messy chocolate cake.
These are just some of my favorite pictures. We took hundreds of them, between all the cameras. It was another wonderful week together full of great memories. We are so grateful and were blessed to have another vacation thanks to my in-laws!
Sorry about the crazy layout. One of these days I will learn how to do this better, but in effort to not make this post three pages long, well, this is how it turned out.
   Cousins and friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Myles's birthday was going to be the first day of our summer vacation with family in Branson, but two storms back to back had daddy working overtime. The girls and I still did our best to make it a special day and I even got his pictures done at JCPenny. He was teething (4 teeth and 4 molars popped up a few days later) so he wasn't a superstar during the photo shoot, but at least I got them done on his birthday! A dear friend stopped by that afternoon and brought balloons and a birthday cake for Myles, which totally made my day! Thank you friend! ; )

It was so great to have something to make it really feel like his birthday. We moms know how crazy, busy it can get when you are leaving town for a week! He thoroughly enjoyed his cake and even started giggling as the sugar did it's magic, it was awesome. We ended up leaving town close to bed time which made for a really late night, but we got to start our vacation! I will post those pictures next. Well, we made it to the first first year, buddy boy. I treasured every moment, but it did go by fast. You are such a boy, so different than your sisters and every day is a fun adventure with you. You are adored by many and cuter than I could of asked for. A mama's boy for sure, but I love it. Looking forward to seeing God's great purposes and plans unfold in your life!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Year at a Glance

I got a promo code to create a free baby book and thought I would put something together for Myles's birthday party that people could write well wishes or blessings. Due to my procrastination, I had to pay a lot for shipping, lets just hope I get it in time!