Thursday, September 9, 2010


The rest of the summer was hot, hot, hot and I spent my days trying to keep the girls busy and happy while dealing with a very pregnant belly. I love the idea of being pregnant, I really do, but I do not like being pregnant. Try hard, I did, to not complain too much, but by the time we were at 38 weeks, Spencer was just as ready as I was to have this baby. I am not sure what makes me so miserable, but number 3 was the worst yet and made me want to take permanent measures to make sure this would be our last biological child.

At last, after going to many pools within the city and trying out all air conditioned activities, my mom came out to help during the last week of my pregnancy. She was a blessed reprieve and saving grace to a very tired mommy and daddy. The girls loved having Mimi here and enjoyed getting more and more excited and praying at every chance for the baby to get here! The morning of my schedule induction, my water did break, which made me hopeful for a faster labor. Well,that labor story is one I won't bore you with, but at last at 3:03 in the afternoon Myles Alan made his way into the world. I was in shock! Its a boy! Wow! So excited with this new found love and in awe of this perfectly, healthy creation. I am sure that many moms spend a lot of their pregnancy wondering what their child will be like, but most importantly will this child be healthy and okay. Praise the Lord that all my fears could be put to rest. All the family made it to see this little one and the first few days were a blur of hospital visits and a coming home to a house full of family.

The girls adore their new brother, even though they were sure they were getting a sister. The biggest problem is making sure they don't smother him with love.
Within a few days we got news that my mom's dad was failing quickly and could my mom come out to be with him before he left. I was a wreck! So scared of being alone with three kids so quickly and yet not wanting to be selfish by keeping my mom away from her dad. Well, after many tears my mom decided to wait to go out to California. Little did we know that two days later she would need to leave after all to hopefully say good-bye before he left us for heaven. She made it out in time and Papa Rollo even had it in him to give one more "good" day. He said he was ready to go and on August 30th he quietly went to see Jesus. We rejoice over his full and beautiful life, but cry over our loss until we see him again.

During all of this I read a book called "Bittersweet". I highly recommend it to any of my girlfriends. It touched me in a way a book hasn't in a long time and it was perfect for all that I was going through. It's a book of essays, perfect for a mom like me so I could pick it up and put it down quite easily. Anyway, as I read it, I was convicted of how I was closed to so much of what the Lord has been trying to do in this time and probably missing out on some of the joys He has been trying to give me.
So, while I could go on about my revelation I leave it at this; I will take the bitter with the sweet and pray that I can savor it all no matter how it goes while (hopefully), "making the most", Ephesians 5:15.
In the meantime, we have all adjusted amazingly well. Myles is truly the answer to my prayers and sleeps "like a baby!". Life is good, and its up to me to let it be as simple as He has given it to me.