Friday, May 8, 2009

Half the one and twice the other

I just realized yesterday that the Payge is exactly twice as old as Haydee and Haydee is exactly half as old as Payge! Of course this is because Payge was 14 months when Haydee was born. I still can't believe she was that little! No wonder I've been going nuts. It has been so hard and yet I wouldn't change it for anything. There is no sweeter joy than hearing them playing and laughing together even if its minutes before screams of anger over a toy. It will only getting better.
Haydee is all over the place these days. She won't sit still for a second, especially not for a picture. All the ones we took the other day were blurry, as you can tell. We've been working on her walking, taking long strolls in the backyard area to get some longer distances in. Both girls love being outside. Thankfully, we have a small deck that I can block off to keep them contained for a time, but otherwise not having a fence means they can go for miles.
Norbit, the next door dog is loved by both girls. Whenever they wake up or we come home Payge asks to see "da puppy?" . Thankfully, our landlord/neighbor thinks its great to have the girls go play with Norbit. I just don't appreciate the thick, dark dirt between their deck and ours; not to mention this all requires constant supervision. Oh well, I will certainly have a great farmers tan since the back deck will be my summer home.
The hat represents some of the KC's Royal's newest fans. Its convenient that they are doing quite well! : )


Kate said...

I cannot believe how much the girls have already changed in your short time away! I, too, am dealing with the challenges accompanying newfound mobility, but I only have one little body to chase after! Great to talk some the other day, hopefully it won't be long until we can connect again. I miss you!

Rebecca said...

the joys of siblings close together get better and better! i am sure you will find this true... in the meantime enjoy that deck and point your little ones to the Lord by pointing out His beautiful creation, even if only from the deck