Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Saturday Morning at the Park

There aren't many parks close by us, but daddy has been looking out for ones when he drives around the city for work. He's been excited about showing the girls this perfect one, only 15 mins away. We went as early as possible since the day was going to be really hot. We had a great time and enjoyed driving our new mini-van! We both always said we wouldn't ever get a van, but with all our traveling to Iowa, Colorado and now Tennessee it seemed like the best idea. We sold our Altima and paid cash for our sweet '95 Honda Odyssey. It really is the coolest one around!
Last summer, I would tell myself, when days were hard, that next summer will be so much fun with my girls; they'd both be walking and we could play at parks and so many other fun things. I'm so grateful that has become a reality. It really is becoming so much more fun and worth all the trouble of having them so close together. I know that they will always have each other to learn and live life together.


Rebecca said...

congrats on the new mini-van we said that we would never have one either, but sometimes practicality and frugality win out! I am so glad you are enjoying your summer with the girls, your photos are awesome and your girls are precious! Miss you!

hisartistaj said...

Oh I love it! :) the girls are so big already! I can't wait to see them soon. yeah, for a Minivan! Wahoo! So very much a mom now! ;)

Jessica Griffiths said...

That is great! The girls look so cute. I am interested in which park you went to since we will be in your neighborhood. I hope this week isn't as busy for you as last week! I am going to try to call tomorrow since it is already late :)