Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My baby is Two!

My mom got to visit for a couple of days over Haydee's second birthday. We had a fantastic morning at JumpingJax and a fun afternoon making cupcakes. That evening we had a blast watching her opening gifts and trying to keep Payge from taking over. This year the sibling birthday blues hit hard, but a little finger puppet from Aunt Carla helped ease the pain.
Btw- if anyone knows how I can make a slide show with the pictures and link them to the blog, let me know!

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hisartistaj said...

I'm not sure how to post a link to it, but I think you can make small enough slide show videos if you have windows movie maker...thats what I started out on making my slideshows. I don't know how to link them though...maybe like your little clips of the girls in your next post. cause windows movie maker will make into a video file. Hope that helps! Love to see you blogging again! I've done the same trying to blog once a week ends up being once a month maybe.... hehehe! Oh well! We tried! Love you!!! Miss you so much!