Sunday, December 12, 2010

The making of a good Christmas Card

Regardless of modern technology to keep us up-to-the-minute on each others lives, I still feel compelled to send out a Christmas card to everyone we have an address. Well, not everyone, I did cut down the list this year due to ever increasing prices of everything. Anyway, none of these pictures made it on the card this year, but I thought this was a great representation of the process of trying to get a good picture of two tired parents,a 3 year old,a 2 year old,and a 3 month old. I had grand ideas of what it should look like and so did Spencer, of course they were just a bit different. After the typical frustration of such a venture we were happy with the result and no marriage or child was harmed in the making of this picture.

By the way, I didn't post anything about Thanksgiving because I don't think we took many pictures. Well, I didn't. We all got sick, sick, sick. No puking this year, praise the Lord, (seriously I think I win the award for person who dreads and hates puking the most) just ear infections and general, long lasting flu symptoms. I even lost a pound- now that is a miracle, especially during Thanksgiving.
We went to Iowa and drove in two separate vehicles in order to pick up the dinning room table my father-in-law made. It is truly a work of art and will highlight it on the blog soon. After two days there and one morning of Wicks family photos we drove to Des Moines for the annual Carlson family reunion (my m-i-l's fam). One night in a hotel room with all five of us and 4 of us sick was enough to have us check out early and head back home. It wasn't the popular choice, but after no sleep the night before I was so grateful we did. We have sense recovered and I did attempt to make another Thanksgiving meal for us,just so I could enjoy it this time and the leftovers; of course!


heart4thenations said...

Oh I love all these pictures! They are a hoot! I also love your no marriage or child were harmed in the taking of this funny!

hisartistaj said...

These are great! I am recalling many family moments of pictures similar to this. thankfully in todays don't have to use a whole role of film to see if you get one good picture. Love it!