Thursday, January 5, 2012

The great hair cut

Ok, so I am a little behind, I have lots of great reasons. Here is one of the random happenings from November. 
 While fixing a late dinner on a Tuesday, we heard the girls giggling upstairs. I thought, at the time, it was so great to hear them playing so nicely. After being at the dinner table for about 10 minutes I noticed Payge's hair looked especially odd. I looked longer, closer, and a shriek of dismay escaped me. Of course, the girls start crying right away, because they know why I am horrified. We assessed the damage and from what we could gather, Haydee was the hairstylist. Payge just went along for the ride, maybe, one can't be too sure. Payge now had bangs and random large chunks of missing hair and Haydee had back and side bangs. Mostly, it looked like a mullet. I kid you not.
I didn't get any "befores" of Haydee because it was just hard to see, as a whole, she fit right into Missouri style. The cute cuts are working out nicely now, though yesterday as I was hacking away I found it depressing for some reason.
Anyway, thought you would enjoy the pictures. At least they love their new style! Though today Haydee was telling me she wished her hair would grow faster.

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