Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Birthday!

Well, I really did plan to do this the day of his birthday, but Photobucket and I don't always get along. It seems they probably made things new and improved, but I can't figure the dang thing out. Anyone have an opinion about Flickr?
Beside my technological ineptness, Myles' birthday was perfect! Truly such a special, special day.  The girls both have school on Monday's and we had some plumbing issues at home which needed Spencer's attention; i.e. backed up sewage in the basement. Gross! I digress. We dropped the girls off, which allowed Spencer to get to see their classrooms and meet the teachers. Since he leaves at 6:15 every morning he misses all the school getting ready, drop off fun. Oh, and let me tell you it is fun. ha!
We decided we needed to start the day off right with coffee (for us) and a donut for Myles. He got to pick it out himself and enjoyed every bite. He was such hoot to watch eat that thing, icing and sprinkles first. After that we headed to the zoo to get a few animals in before we had to meet the plumber back home. It was so great to just have one kid!!! Don't get me wrong, but it was almost like a date with just one child to take around. We basically did all the "rides" through the zoo and savored the ideal weather. Since Myles still doesn't talk, we mostly had  uninterrupted conversation. He fell asleep on the way back; which was totally unlike him, we picked up Haydee and then got back in time for the plumber. Yeah! No more poop in our basement.
After swim lessons and dinner Myles got to rip into some of his gifts. It was so sweet how he oohed and aah-ed over every gift and wanted to take time to play with each one. He truly got so much joy over every item wrapped for him. I loved it!
We topped the evening off with some DQ ice cream and some Facetime with Gram and Papau while he opened the toys they sent.
Myles is so much fun and I still am praising the Lord for giving me a boy. Such a unique adventure after muddling through trying to get two girls through their toddler years. He loves to wrestle, hit things, throw things, and yet he is my tenderhearted cuddle-bug; if he sits still long enough. Having learned a few things with the first two I also enjoy being a parent to him even more. Some of the mystery is figured out, I suppose. Or maybe, I have just learned to relax a bit more and treasure the simple moments. Which is probably why even though his vocabulary is fairly limited I am not stressing about it too much. He cracks everybody up with his caveman grunts and clever ways of communicating without words. I mean the kid has got it figured out; I think he just enjoys not having to make the effort of forming words and yet gets everything he wants. Males. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I have spent over 20 minutes trying to get him to say something he wants before I give it to him, but this guy is as stubborn as his sisters,combined. He loves animals now, plastic, stuffed and real. Cars, trains, and planes. Old-school Fisher Price people and playing outside. If everything could be outside, he would be in heaven.
Enjoy the pictures, you'll have to click the link and it will open in another window.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!

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