Friday, January 23, 2009

Our little monkey

Its hard to believe our youngest is just five weeks away from turning one! Haydee Joy has truly brought us so much joy, more than I could have imagined. I realize that in trying to survive I haven't done as much to record Haydee's first moments as I desired and vowed to myself at the beginning. O'well.
Haydee hasn't been as much of a talker as Payge was, yet she has quite a lot to say when given the chance. I don't know if it was our recent trip to the zoo or the "frig" monkey from Grammy Wicks that spurred her on, but whenever she sees that thing she makes monkey noises. Its so cute! It sounds a little more like a mix of Santa and an owl, but nonetheless, I get what she is saying. Just a couple of weeks ago, when the weather was unseasonably warm we took a walk to the park. We had done that a lot this summer, but Haydee often slept in the stroller while big sis got to run around. This time, I thought Haydee should get to try the swings. She loved it! Of course, we had to add sounds effects when pushing her so a resounding, "whee!" was added. She must of liked it because when she is happy and playing with me or Payge there is a very clear "whee!" from our little Haydee. Its cute, because she moves her mouth so wide, as to make sure its a loud and clear, "whee!" Ah, the sweet little joys.

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Claudia Farr said...

Haydee is such a beautiful girl!!!! I am really happy for you Amy.