Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Well, we are in Iowa faced with a new adventure we never saw coming! Spencer lost his job on Friday; no reason, no warning. With time on our hands and no job to worry about, we decided to head out and find all the opportunities we could find. So, we left the Springs to see family and find out what the Lord might have for us. The girls were amazing on the long 14 hour drive. We left early Sunday morning and stopped as little as possible. At the breakfast break my wallet fell off the car and we didn't realize it until the lunch stop almost 5 hours later! I freaked out, but Spencer kept his cool. Of course, the Lord had already taken care of it and an older couple were trying to contact us so they could mail it back. I just got it today with all my money and items safe and sound. The Lord is so faithful.
The girls are loving playing with their cousins and getting lots of kisses from Grammy and Papau. Payge loves the clock in their family room and is obsessed with hearing it chime every 15 minutes. Who knows why, but it is really cute. Haydee has been fussy with a slight ear infection, but is sleeping well through the night. Finally! Spencer spends his days emailing, calling companies and filling out applications.
This really has been an awesome time that is bringing our family and marriage closer together. I know we will look back and see how God worked out His perfect plan. I am looking forward to it unfolding, even if its not my first choice.
Until the next bend in the road....

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