Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Around the corner

I think I get more excited about fall every year. I don't know what it is, but for as long as I can remember my happiest memories are during the changing of the seasons and in particular during the exit of summer and anticipation of autumn. I know that Missouri has a couple more months before the leaves all have changed and fall to the ground, but the unseasonably cool weather has helped my homesick heart. Truly a "praise the Lord" is in order. I will try to hold onto this when the inevitable "Indian Summer" happens.
My little girl is 18 months today! Can you believe it? She is growing so fast and I've noticed my gaze drifting to any newborn that comes across my path. NOT that I am ready for a third one, but I realize in time you do forget how difficult that first year can be and the longing starts kicking in.
We survived potty training week with great victory! Praise the Lord- and again I mean it. After two failed attempts I kept my expectations low and my grace level high. Payge is so proud of herself and I almost have stopped holding my breath that she will decide this is too much work and want to go back to diapers. When we crossed the potty training bridge I thought we should add the "big girl" bed along with it. Really, we just took a rail off the crib, but you would have thought it was the most exciting thing. Of course, we still are working on her staying in it after the door is closed, but at least she is still not staying up until 10PM and getting up at 6AM. She and Haydee now enjoy more interaction after prayers are prayed and songs are sung; I try not to intervene too often, because I love to see that friendship develop.
Haydee wants to use the big girl potty too, but after a day of trying to make it work, I've decided we need a few more months. Its such a shame really, all that diaper money I could save, but my little girl is just too little! She was practically falling in the toilet and trying to reach the sink to wash her hands was a joke. It would be more work in the end for us parents if we try to push it now, so I am actually going to enjoy changing her diapers knowing that all too soon, she will be using the potty too. Its funny, already I can understand why the youngest in families tend to get babied!
Well, the quiet has ended for the afternoon and now onto making dinner and remembering to enjoy these days because, they do go so fast.


hisartistaj said...

they do grow up so fast I can hardly believe Payge is 18months! Wow! I loved the dentist pictures on facebook. I wouldn't have been so brave, but it looks like she did great! and little Haydee seems to be not far behind. her little behind is probably why she was almost falling into the toliet. haha! but sooner then later I do believe she will pick up after her sister. They are so beautiful and I am so happy to be called Aunt. ;) Love ya!

hisartistaj said...

Oh gosh I said Payge and I meant Haydee....can't believe that she is 18months. :) Wow...what am I going to be like when I have kids. ;)