Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Best Place

Recently, my Grandma decided it was time to leave this old earth and join her husband, loved ones and best of all Jesus in Heaven. She had stayed with us longer than we could have hoped and we were blessed to have her on this earth for 86 years. Its always hard to say goodbye, but I have much joy in the confidence of her being in the best place of all.
As usual, nothing is coincidence and when she passed I was visiting my parents in Tennessee, naturally this dominated our time together, but with two toddlers they kept things entertaining. They are still learning how to stay in their toddler beds at home so, I was wondering how the sleeping arrangements away from home would work. The first nap time wasn't easy, but eventually they slept. Monday afternoon things were gratefully quiet and I worked hard on billing for my father in law. Little did we know they had discovered white-out, a black ink cartridge and permanent marker. Oh my goodness... you can only imagine! Meemee was gracious and took pictures of our two culprits, but mommy had to take lots of deep breaths as we tried to get the white-out off with a stainless steel scrub. Just this morning I was still seeing it on their feet, over three weeks later!
Well, meemee quickly baby-proofed the sleeping quarters, but as you can imagine... The next morning they woke early and I didn't hear them, but meemee did; just a little late. They had found a bag of makeup, mostly foundation and yes, you can imagine the room smelled of Avon makeup with foundation smeared all over their bodies, the carpet and their "beds". Oh, boy. Then later, forgetting that the makeup wasn't totally put away in a safe place Payge was sent to her room for a time out... it was really quiet, too quiet. Ok, finally I learned my lesson. The girls got the queen bed in the safe guest room and I slept in the office on a air mattress. At least I would sleep without fear!!!
I'll have to get pictures from my mom and post them for a good chuckle.

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hisartistaj said...

yes you need to get pictures of them for sure! Everyone that we have shown the pictures too of our trip, love the ones of the girls. They are so expressive. Oh I miss you so.