Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday morning, when I took Haydee up to take a nap in their room I found Payge singing to herself contently as she was cuddled up with her blankets in the laundry basket.
At the work Harvest Festival, Payge was asked what her name was. She looks at this person squarely and says "P-a-e-g-e- Payge," What is sissy's name? " H-d-e-e- Haydee". I guess we've learned how to spell and I didn't know it!
The last week or so at breakfast, Payge keeps telling me "pretty pink". I didn't catch on until today that with the ends of their pink spoons they were "applying" eye makeup.
Haydee loves to sleep in her ladybug costume, the one they didn't have a chance to wear this year. When she wants to put it on she comes up to me with it in her hand and says "fly?"Then she has to got look in the mirror to see how cute she looks. Bribing sometimes comes in order to get it off before meal time.
This morning I argued with my 2 year old, Payge about "who's fault it was" we both were apologizing, laughing and saying 'no it was my fault!" What a glorious moment.


hisartistaj said...

Love it!

Amy Lena said...

That is so cute. I can't believe Payge is almost 3!
-Amy L