Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another girl trip

After a few months sabbatical from travel this year (if you knew our travels last year you would agree we needed it)the girls and I got super cheap tickets on Southwest (how I love this airline!) and went to visit my parents and youngest sister in Tennessee. We wanted one last visit with Aunie before her travels to Scotland and I knew this would be the last time, for awhile I could travel alone with the kids. I figure after the third comes in August I won't be doing much travel alone! The grocery store is going to be challenging enough with three 3 and under.
We had plans to try take in the local theater show both my mom and sister were staring in and maybe some local historical sites, but mostly our visit was about spending time together. Well, thankfully I got to see one of the shows and we got plenty of quality time, but we didn't get to see much else. We happen to visit the weekend of the great flood of Nashville. My parents live just outside of Nashville, but their community was one that got hit hardest by the rain and flooding. It was crazy! I really had never seen so much rain continuously for two whole days. We even had a few tornado scares and spent time in the closet in the middle of the house (no basement). Thankfully the house they are in was not affected, but of course much in their neighborhood was. I didn't take many pictures of the flooding, but we got plenty of pictures of the girls!


Kate said...

Oh my gosh, that's crazy! I didn't realize your trip overlapped with the flood. Miss you!

Katy said...

Congratulations on baby #3! I'm so happy for you and Spencer. (I'll tell Sequoia tonight - she'll be so happy for you both too!)