Sunday, February 27, 2011

A beautiful addition

I've wanted to post pictures for awhile of our dinning room set that was hand-crafted by my father-in-law. He has made our bed, crib, a toy box and now this table. It is not really sized well for the small duplex we are renting, but someday we will buy a home that will fit it perfectly. Hopefully, I will also find a piece that I can use for a buffet/china cabinet when, again, someday, I have room. I know in my mind exactly what it will look like. We'll see if I can find it! Also, he made a bench to go with it. I love, love having one of those. Since I was a kid I always wanted a dinning room table with a bench. Not sure, why, but I love it!

Oh, and this is the real subject of my title. My newest niece! We got to meet her yesterday, so precious and reminds me of my two girls.

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Kate said...

Thanks for sharing pictures...the table is fabulous! (And your new niece is adorable!)