Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No more binkies, no more nuks, no more dentist's dirty looks!

Yes, I know she is four and it should have been gone long ago, but hey. None of the other kids take a binky so, I only had to do this once- ha! Anyway, on her second round of a stomach bug Payge gave us the opportunity to get rid of the pacifier. We took the opportunity. Two weeks later we are still working through it. I never realized how much she relied on that thing. Now I do. Anyway, it was a big moment and I had to write it down. The cute pictures that have nothing to do with this, just cute sledding moments. Oh, and Payge had a great time mailing the binkies to babies soon to come. It was very sweet really, and in true Payge form she couldn't stand having to wait to mail them. Of course, a couple of snow storms delayed me from getting to the "mailing place", she drove everyone in the house nuts until we got them in the mail. Oh, and yes, I have not taken her to the dentist since her first appointment because of the dirty looks, now I am glad to say I can take her and not get grief.


hisartistaj said...

Baby Bear Loved getting the package too!

The Rydens said...

Oh my! My daughter is turning 2 next week and she still uses her binky at bed and nap times. I was thinking of making her birthday the time to get rid of it. But, I just can't bring myself to do it yet. She loves that thing! What is a good age do you think?