Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Myles is moving a lot these days. It is exciting, but really, I wish he would stop growing so quickly! It is all too much too fast. I've given him two haircuts already and today I really chopped it. Daddy says it looks good, but I think the Bieber hairdo was working just fine. He is enjoying all sorts of foods these days, though I am not always consistent on how many times a day or when. He just kind of gets something when I can work it into our craziness. He doesn't like much the first time he tries it, but after a few go's he warms up to the idea. I'm needing to restock my baby food freezer supply soon though because he is plowing through it quickly! He has 7 teeth so far and is working on 3 more, thank goodness for teething biscuits, Orajel and baby Tylenol. I just found out our pediatrician, who I loved, is no longer with the practice, so our 6 month visit was canceled, but I bet he weighs around 18 lbs. This is amazing to me because neither of the girls weighed that much at a one year!
I'm so grateful for technology, really. I spent the other night looking at old posts and videos of the girls. It is a time that is a bit hazy, but suddenly alive with captured footage. How quickly it all goes and what fun they were then and are now.

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hisartistaj said...

I was looking at some old videos too of the girls and thinking how fast times flies. they are so grown up now. i can't believe it. I love the updates! Hard to believe Myles is so close to crawling! i remember when Payge started to really walk in the Toddler room at focus. that was such a neat memory for me. I am so thankful we have technology to capture these moments. Soon, very soon you will be here! I can't wait! love you!