Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a Princess thing

Both girls are really into dress-up, I mean really into it. It seems they live in
their princess clothes. Haydee often falls asleep in part or a whole dress-up outfit. Of course, it is cute and many family members indulged her love with birthday gifts that would give her more wardrobe options.
The Snow White cottage is from Aunt April, who is thrilled with their love for the Disney Princesses.
Our neighbor's (landlord's) daughter turned 6 this last week and invited the girls to a Princess tea party. You would have thought it was their party and they were looking forward to it from the moment they heard about it. Thankfully, I had to only endure questions of it's pending arrival for 2 weeks. They had a blast, but being a bit younger proved to be a little difficult for them. They adore this little friend and I really appreciate her including them in this celebration.

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hisartistaj said...

this Aunt loves, that she can indulge the princess thing for sure! ;) Any way I can. ;) I love it!