Sunday, May 8, 2011

8 months

Okay, so this is more like what he has been doing during his 9th month of life, but he doesn't really hold still long enough to get a good picture. He is still my amazing baby. Minus a few days out of this month, he is sleeping 11-13 hours a night. He doesn't nap well, but it sort of helps to go with the flow of our busy life. The hardest thing for me is when I can't just get 30 mins of peace, but I guess that comes after they all move out. Right? He is crawling, fast. Climbing up stairs, pulling himself up on any and everything. He loves to watch and laugh at his sisters and is fascinated by hands. Clap them, shake them, wave them, sign with them, he is mesmerized. He is also an eater. Anything, everything. I am amazed how much he packs in. Like a chipmunk he stuffs his little face and chows down. I've been more adventurous with him, compared to what I tried at this age with the girls. He's got teeth sharp enough for steak, so he does pretty well.

First Cheerios

Chunky Monkey. My favorite PJ's. So sad he is too big for them. Time to sew them up and mail them to Dawson!

Such a joy, I am so blessed.

I'm having problems uploading video, so I will just post some pictures for now.

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