Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am so grateful for our three day weekend and I am indebted to those who helped make it possible. I thank those I know who served, but our thanks hardly does their sacrifice justice!
I was also reminded this weekend how blessed we are. So grateful for the Lord's protection on a daily basis. Even when things aren't going our way, it could be so much worse.
I have fun pictures to post later, but in the meantime, this is why I am reminded of why prayer is so important for our kids and that the Lord's angels are always at work, even when I don't know to pray.

Sprinklers, a garden hoe, and cousins, not a good combination. Haydee had to have 7 stitches on Sunday and it will leave a mark to remember. Poor thing. It may have been harder for me to have her go through, she was so brave. I am so, so grateful it didn't hit her one inch higher or lower. It really could have been so much worse.
Her black eye is worsening, but she doesn't complain about it much and is happy to remind me about the medicine she has to take after every meal.
I think it has been easy for me to get lazy as a mom, she and Payge are good to watch out for each other and I get in the bad habit of assuming things. While, I can't live in fear or become a hovering parent, I am reminded to double check and be diligent for their safety.

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