Sunday, July 24, 2011

11 months and crying

Really, I can not believe how time is not just flying by, but it seems to be on warp speed. What a joy these 11 months have been. Myles has been a great baby to end on, not perfect, but by Wicks' standards, almost. If only my pregnancies were as great *sigh* I would have 3 more; at least. He gets cuter every day and full of laughter and excitement. He gets as tan as the rest of them; mama looks so pasty white even after being at the pool everyday. It also seems he is becoming a blond, as blond as Haydee. Love it! Speaking of the pool, he LOVES the water, as much as his sisters. Only problem is he thinks he can keep up with them. He eats really well and is enjoying most food right along with us, especially fruit. No first steps yet, just cruising the furniture and pulling things down that should be up. He crawls like a ape, but is super speedy. He gets a kick out of banging things like a drum to see what sounds they make and if he likes it, well, it entertains him for awhile. Payge still makes his laugh like no one else, but Haydee has been getting a giggle or two lately.
I've been realizing that it has been easy to let the girls do all the entertaining, so I've been making an effort to get down and play with him. He is learning so much everyday and taking in everything around him. It seems like I spend so much time nursing him still, but I know I will miss this bonding the most and all too soon it will be over. So, I work hard to treasure this time.
I didn't get to do the professional shots at 9 months, he busted his lip on the fireplace that morning and well, it just never got rescheduled. Anyway, that is usually when we do the "naked" photos. I know he is a boy and will not be very happy someday about these, but I had to get these in before he got any older. They are edited for public viewing, but he did have his hands perfectly positioned, which is amazing, considering how fast that boy moves.

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heart4thenations said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I just want to squeeze and kiss him!! I for sure got Friday before Labor day covered, so now I'm just seeing about that Tuesday after..or even Thursday before...