Sunday, July 10, 2011

The same, but... very different

Myles turned 10 months. Have I mentioned before how his first year is going way too fast? We tried a sippy cup, until that point I had been his only source of liquid. He was more interested in playing with the cup and banging it on his chair. Now, after that, he is interested in playing with his other food source. I don't find that as entertaining, especially when trying to be discrete.
The girls went to a VBS at a church nearby, like 2 minutes nearby. What an awesome church. So impressed by a lot of things. We love our home church, but it is very far. We miss getting involved, but not sure exactly what the Lord has for us, right now. They had a "beach blast" and are even more anxious to start school, which won't be for at least another year plus. Payge would ask every day "Where we were going, again?" and kept confusing "VBS" with the name of a local grocery store "Hy-vee". I think it was the letter "v" that kept throwing her off, because they don't sound anything alike. It was cute when she was so excited to tell everyone that she got to go to "Hy-vee" that day! It made quite an impression on her because after the last day she and I went on a little date and we started talking about Heaven and being with Jesus. All of this led to praying together, as a family, that night before bed to ask Jesus into her heart. I never imagined at 4 that a child could make that decision, but I truly believe that she understood what she was doing. The full understanding will continue to grow, but I am so grateful for their experience! The next night Payge really wanted Haydee to ask Jesus into her heart. Haydee very kindly answered, "No, I'm not ready yet."

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