Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Myles's birthday was going to be the first day of our summer vacation with family in Branson, but two storms back to back had daddy working overtime. The girls and I still did our best to make it a special day and I even got his pictures done at JCPenny. He was teething (4 teeth and 4 molars popped up a few days later) so he wasn't a superstar during the photo shoot, but at least I got them done on his birthday! A dear friend stopped by that afternoon and brought balloons and a birthday cake for Myles, which totally made my day! Thank you friend! ; )

It was so great to have something to make it really feel like his birthday. We moms know how crazy, busy it can get when you are leaving town for a week! He thoroughly enjoyed his cake and even started giggling as the sugar did it's magic, it was awesome. We ended up leaving town close to bed time which made for a really late night, but we got to start our vacation! I will post those pictures next. Well, we made it to the first first year, buddy boy. I treasured every moment, but it did go by fast. You are such a boy, so different than your sisters and every day is a fun adventure with you. You are adored by many and cuter than I could of asked for. A mama's boy for sure, but I love it. Looking forward to seeing God's great purposes and plans unfold in your life!

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