Monday, September 19, 2011

The Party

We got back from Branson and five days later my sister, "Aunt Aunie", came for the long Labor Day weekend. I have no pictures from her visit, but I know she took at least a hundred. If I had just remembered to download the pictures from her camera...
Anyway, her visit was great. It had been over 5 months since we got to see her and we enjoyed every minute. Hopefully, I will get my hands on some of those pictures!
She helped me get ready for the birthday party we had for Myles the following Saturday, when my parents would be visiting. It never worked out to give the girls a first year birthday and I really regret that. So, since this is the last, I had to makes sure I got it in. Of course, it has nothing to do with the kid's enjoyment, it is just a chance for the parents to celebrate their first year of life. What a year it was!
More pictures to come of my parents short visit, but I had to document the pictures we had of the party.

Myles also started walking the day they flew in. That morning after breakfast he took several steps from the table to the kitchen!
By the way, hope you noticed I am finally learning new technology.

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Kate said...

What an impressive spread! I can't believe you little guy is already one. I know Truett's first birthday will be here before we know it. Love you! {And that owl turned out perfectly!!!} P.S. The word verification is making me type 'flanties'. That made me chuckle!