Sunday, January 16, 2011

Payge's 4th Birthday

Understandably, I am a little behind on my blogging, but there is no time like the present to do a little updating!
To make sure I get a very important event posted, I am starting with Payge's birthday. Her birthday is during the week before Christmas; the same week as her daddy's birthday, one of her aunt's birthdays, less than a week before my birthday, always a few days before a lot of travel if not the day of travel and usually when I get the stomach flu! Phew! We know how to time things well in my family. Anyway, it was one of those years, but this time, Payge knew what to expect, to look forward to, and to anticipate with all her energy. The month of December was full of extra disciplinary action!
In spite of her daddy's and mommy's weakened status (mine from the stomach flu), we made a day full of good times and precious moments. She had woken during the night and came into the room to tell me her stomach was "turning". Oh dear. Please Lord, not on her birthday? Well, we prayed; a couple of times together, and she sung sweet songs to Jesus at 3 in the morning. I felt as if she grew up in a special way that night. Thankfully, the throw up bowl was never employed and she when she came into our room bright and early she was rejoicing that Jesus had healed her tummy! I cried. Really.
We went to a local Children's museum and the girls had a great time. It was the first time we had tried it out, but I had bought tickets through Groupon a month or so before, so it was a great deal and worth it! After much needed naps we headed out to a early dinner to use all three of our birthday burger coupons at Red Robin. Yum! After that, Spencer's Aunt had a tea fit for a queen and much to Payge's delight we had a little tea party. I lost track of all the treats she had that day, but that's what birthday's are for, right?
Well, my "little helper","full of grace", is now fully into her preschool years. She is full of life, laughter, curiosity, and love. We are so proud of her and I only look forward to the excitement that she will continue to bring us.

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