Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three months or somewhere in there

So, I just realized that I am even more behind than I thought on keeping monthly postings on Myles, so I will try to catch up. I was just walking down memory lane on this blog and I am so grateful for each and everyone of my postings. I forget so easily and time happens so quickly, it is amazing how the girls have grown and how we have changed in just a couple of years. I know that my effort here is worth it, hopefully, this all will never get lost in cyberspace. I easily get discouraged when I see others do such a great job on their blogs, but I just have to remind myself that anything is better than nothing.
Anyway, I think this is a short video of him somewhere near 3 months. Regardless, he is in one of my favorite outfits that he really no longer fits in, sigh.

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