Sunday, January 23, 2011

SMyles at 4 months

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever! Hmmm, I love me some chunky boy baby. I really am pathetic with him, maybe because its my last or because he is a boy and he tugs on my heart in a different way.
He is fascinated with his hands and started to enjoy playing with his feet while on his back since he turned 3 months. He smiles, coo's and drools.... a lot. I never understood why they made bibs for little babies, and now I know why. During this stage for him, he did not sleep well, at least not as well as the first couple months. He was teething and had a couple or a really long running cold, but still is a happy baby and is not colicky like Haydee nor cries for hours when I put him to bed like Payge would. He has been trying to sit up when I recline him and at this point we realized we'd better start looking for a bumbo on craigslist. He is as precious as ever and even though I hate to see this time go by so quickly, he does get more and more fun!

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Claudia Farr said...

very handsome little boy. Aren't boys so much fun??? I am happy for you my friend