Friday, April 8, 2011

Z double 'o'

The girls get so excited about going to the zoo, I often spell it out when talking about it the possibility of going. Heaven help us all, if they think we are going, but aren't able to. All Haydee talked about this winter was, "when the weather got hot we would go to the zoo and see the animals." The weather is quite nice, though in the back of my mind I am fearful of another dreadfully hot summer.
Last Sunday, a video camera that we had been looking at went on sale so I used my Christmas/birthday money and splurged! We had fun testing it out this weekend, at swim lessons and then at the zoo this morning.
Myles is also 7 months today, March 20th. His first year is going by way to quickly. I will hopefully, take some better pictures tomorrow to post.

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hisartistaj said...

I love Haydee's face when you guys go through the tunnel and Payge when she see's you from the merry go round. I love getting to see these videos! :)