Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tea party, apple picking, and the most amazing Ice cream ever!

 We went to Iowa last weekend so Spencer could do some tree work for a few family friends. While we were there Grammy had to take the opportunity to have a tea party with the girls and their cousin Natalie. What a hoot! They loved it, of course. Getting to dress up and eat a ridiculous amount of sweets before lunch- what 3 or 4 year old wouldn't!
 Papau took them for a ride around the yard.

 We went apple picking with all the Hansons and Grammy. Even Myles enjoyed sampling our picks! He is walking like a pro now. I think I've been a bad mom and not yet gotten a video of him walking. We may have one Spencer's phone, but I need to work on that. I love those first few days though while they hold their hands up in the air to help them balance.
 My sister in law and I squeezed in a 5 mile run, to help me get ready for the KC Marathon relay. She also had me take her Kettlebell boot camp class the next day; it was killer, but a lot of fun. I made sure to get another scoop of Whitey's Ice Cream to reward myself. Though, I made the mistake of trying 'Graham Central Station'. There are no words. It is a good thing there is nothing like that close by home! I would have to start training for a full marathon.
Another busy weekend, but full of fun!

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heart4thenations said...

I wish I could go apple picking and pumpkin hunting with you all this weekend!!