Sunday, October 23, 2011

Running the race!

 After a couple months of training race day was finally here! I am sure a few of you reading this have done much more than a 10K, but for some of us girls running anything was a huge feat! I am so blessed by this group of friends (plus two not in this picture). The Lord has brought us all together, just when we needed to help spur one another on in life in Christ, motherhood, parenting, marriage and so much more.

The morning of the race it was freezing! I was glad to get the second leg though, minus suffering through the frosty morning. I'm glad to say I ran 6.5 miles with an average of 9.5 min miles (this is my educated guess no actual data), which, for me, is really good. Anyway, I loved it and the process and am looking forward to our (hopefully) next race sometime in 2012. I did run this morning after I took a week off, but my 4 miles felt like 6. That night we had a celebration feast and these are all our beautiful kids between our 7 families. Can you believe it? So much fun and so much more to come!


Kate said...

Amy! That's so awesome that you did that. And, I am thrilled to hear you speaking so highly of your new friendships. What an answer to prayer! Love you and miss you!

hisartistaj said...

So proud of you! That is fantastic!