Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who's counting?

 Now that M buddy is past the year mark, I always have to pause and think when people ask how old he is. I could say "one", but we all know a 1 year old who is almost 2 is so different than a just turned 1 year old. Not that it matters, really.
So, here he is just 13 months, discovering the world around him, trying to rake leaves. I'm not sure why he is crying, but that lip is so dang cute!

 Now, if you are wondering why they are outside in their pj's and why the girls hair looks the way it does, let's just say daddy was on duty. I've been doing a lot of running lately to get ready for the KC Marathon Relay that is coming up this next weekend. A few of us decided to do it about 2 months ago and we've all been cramming to get ready. So, this last Sunday morning, we decided to do a 6 mile run. I've been embracing the journey, working hard on not counting how long it takes to run each mile or

 how far down the scale might go, but that is all easier said than done, sometimes.
Spencer got an awesome find at a garage sale, an old Nikon (as old as me). You know the kind where you had to buy film and pay to develop what could be all out of focus pictures? It came with several very unique lenses. They only work on the manual setting with his digital camera, but they work. So fun!
Payge has been so interested in taking pictures, so he let her play around a bit taking pictures of her pony and the others. She actually did a decent job.
How fun this 4 year old age is! I'm doing a Kindergarten homeschool curriculum with both girls this year and everyday I hear, "what's next mommy?' It is hard to keep up with them! I know they are a little young, but I needed to satisfy their desire for school with something. The joys of motherhood, yes, it really is a joy.


Kate said...

I cannot believe how big your kids are makes me feel sort of old to see Payge now, and to remember those early moments shared in the hospital. Life passes way too quickly! I miss you. I hope your race goes well! I will be excited to hear about it. I'm itching to start something active again, too. :) Happy fall...I always think of you this time of year. I know it's your favorite!

heart4thenations said...

So adorable!! Precious pictures!

hisartistaj said...

I love the photo with Myles crying...he must love yard work as much as I do! ;) So fabulous!