Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5th Birthday Party

We moved into our new house on the Saturday before Christmas, if that wasn't crazy enough we had planned a birthday party for Payge the next day, at our new house. I know, ambitious, but I had promised her a party when she turned 5, I just hadn't planned on moving when I made that promise. Since, no one needed to be impressed, the house was mayhem, but the party was great! Mostly, it was because Aunt Laura helped to make it a beautiful princess theme. Payge adored every minute and it was so great to have all the space we needed for all our guests!

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Kate said...

5? 5???!!!! Seriously? I cannot believe it. I'm sure she loved her party, and that's what will matter in years to come, not how organized your house was. :) I am still waiting for those house pictures, though. So happy for you!