Monday, March 19, 2012


Yep, there's an app for that. It is also a web site, another fun thing to waste valuable time on. I have been inspired though and also made to feel very, well, inadequate among other things. I am not a naturally creative, artistic person nor am I a great decorator, so I heavily rely upon web sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Before them, I would actually have to ask our friends for advice or heaven forbid a decorator! I kid. I am a person who prefers to take a systematic approach to things, like I want to have all the walls painted in the house and all the items purchased to put on those walls to lay out and hem and ha over their permanent location. It is true, I have a fear of commitment, especially when it means putting a hole in the wall, so I have to take my time. These decisions should not be made lightly people!!! It doesn't help that my wonderful husband has strong opinions and often not running in the same vein as me. We have persevered though, and even though all our walls are not painted as I hope, we put some holes in the walls and hung some pieces new and not so new.
Here are a few new additions to the house, including our hearth room I've pictured before. What a difference a rug makes, eh? Love it and super inexpensive at Walmart.

My mother-in-law made these beautiful curtains. I knew that was the material for me as soon I saw it and so thankful Linda could take it home and whip these up faster that I even imagined!
This is in our massive entryway. Another part I love and my father-in-law is building us a small table to place opposite our door. I can't wait to see it. Aren't we spoiled? The chairs are from a church camp Linda's family used to go to and she thinks they are around 100 years old. She fixed them up years ago and saved one for each of her kids to have. We finally have the space and it is perfect. These were those vinyl words you can buy most home decorating places and the cross is made of metal pieces shaped to look like wood. Of course, this is where Spencer and I differ on tastes, but I am really thrilled how it turned out and thanks to him it is actually straight!
This is our master bedroom and bathroom. We have 5 closets in our bathroom- it is crazy and I hope we never fill them! We love all the room we have and eventually I hope to add a sitting area, curtains and more pictures, but I might have to paint a few more walls before I can commit to too much more.


Kate said...

What a fun house! I look forward to seeing how you continue to make it yours. So happy for you!

Brent said...

Amy! Beautiful! Love it! So glad you are posting pictures for all of us to see :) I love all the wood floors. -Rena