Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toy Room

   Before, the ceiling with skylight, very messy magnetic primer, magnetic wall being used, and finished!                                 
In a perfect world, everyone would have a toy room and those toys would stay in that toy room. They would be played with a couple hours a day and be put away in the properly marked bin and placed exactly as they should be on the shelves. Well, I live in real-ville, so that never happens, but I can dream about it! Regardless, I do love having a toy room, just so that I can actually have a chance to clean it when the kids are sleeping instead of the toys taking over their rooms. I had dreams of making one of the walls magnetic for all the kids art work and magnetic letters. The process was terribly messy and ridiculously time consuming and after all of that it barely works. I even wrote the company to complain, because I got so frustrated about it. They nicely offered a refund and I did decide to take it. Maybe I will invest it in some stronger magnets and be able to use it to the fullest. The pictures don't do the room justice. It has a great ceiling and brick flooring now a warm "Bamboo" color and a cheap, utility carpet that helps make it a cozier place to play. It is the pass through room off the kitchen and into the room hallway so I can't avoid the mess, but I can clean it!

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