Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doors Open, Doors Close

From the moment we prayed together after loosing his job, we have prayed the Lord would quickly open and close doors. He has faithfully led us on this journey and done just that.
Now, we have done what we can do in Columbia and tomorrow we head onto Kansas City. I have a strange sense of anticipation. Maybe its knowing we'll be home after this next stop, or maybe because God is going to do something great. Because Columbia is less than 2 hrs away from KC there are signs everywhere on the freeways that say Kansas City. My heart almost skips a beat when I see them. I guess we'll see what happens!
Spencer met with the companies here in town and he also checked out some options in person while dropping off his resume. So far the winner in town is a father/son tree business that does their job well. They have an incredible reputation with both customers and employees alike. They have a small town mentality of excellence which is great, but also means there is a lack of career growth potential for Spencer. This would probably be something he could do for a couple of years while looking for a city Forester job or something at the University in town (Forestry related). He was honest about that and they understood and still offered a position.
There is also an accelerated Nursing program at MU that interests Spencer, but that would require a few more acts of God and at least one more year before he could walk through that door.
Of course, we couldn't help but look at some houses while we were here and in the same neighborhood as Spencer's brother. Its nice to see what you can get for your money.
So, that's what we have open here and we are grateful to have to opportunity to take the job if the Lord leads. We do feel a slight hesitation, not sure why, but hope our next stop will clarify.
Tomorrow Spencer is going to go back to the first of the companies in KC and work with them a couple of hours. He felt like the company, the one he had a check in his spirit about, is worth saying no to, since there are other better options. We both hope to have enough time there to get some more questions answered before we come home.
Spencer has been working on things in the Springs, but so far there are only temporary positions. One man he has worked with in the past has work for him next week. This is so encouraging for us. While he can't offer anything permanent, we are grateful for however the Lord sees fit to get us to the next step.
Just under two years ago we were looking for a job in the Springs. After a time of great stress he got a job offer. As he was working on the details, another opportunity suddenly presented itself, and that became the perfect place at that time. Even though it didn't end as we had envisioned, it was no doubt a God send for when we needed it.
So, I know anything can happen.
With no phone and possibly no computer access at the next stop, it could be a little while before there is new news.
We'll be home sometime this weekend. Home sweet home.


jamie said...

Amy -
You have such a positive and hopeful way of looking at life, which is really refreshing. Paul and I are seriously considering moving to the St. Loius area in May, bc he is planning on going to Chiropractic School in Chesterfield. I think we'd be pretty close if you end up in Columbia. We shall see what happens.

Hope R. Clark said...

Amy and Spencer,
Long time so see. :) God has incredible plans for you--part of that being the dance with Him during the jouney. Enjoy the ride! Blessings from the Clarks!