Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My most favorite A.W. Tozer book, "Waiting on God" comes to my mind often in times like this. It's not so much that we are waiting for Him to do something, because He is already working, its waiting for us to "find it" or "see it". So, that is what we are doing.
I guess there was a recent national article or something that discussed those who are unemployed and happy. I'm not sure of the details, but I find that to be our case. We are enjoying this extra time as a family and really taking stalk of all we have. We see this as an opportunity to find something better. I know that before we know it, Spencer will be in a new job and we'll be working through the pains of change and missing these moments. In the meantime, the Lord provides.
Our trip across the Midwest proved to be very fruitful. There are three job possibilities and one in particular seems like a perfect fit for Spencer's career desires and dreams. It's in Kansas City and of course would be a big move for us. We would be closer to all of his family and it's the "closest" possibility as we look to moving away from home.
Today though, he had two interviews here in town and both went really well. We don't have offers, but there is the hope that there will be something worth staying in town for. How amazing to have all these options, especially as so many people in this country can't find work.
For now, we wait and enjoy the simple life!

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Claudia Farr said...

I will be praying for you guys as you find out what God wants for your life. Brandon and I know really well how that works and how wonderful is when we finally "discover" what God has prepare for us. His plan is perfect and is a plan of love.