Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost in Columbia...

....Missouri that is. Well not really lost, just thankful and slightly overwhelmed with all the options before us. I know we haven't even begun exploring everything that is possible yet.
Our time in Iowa was refreshing. Healing to the soul and spirit. We were well fed and found time to rest, though Spencer is ready for a vacation from all this job searching. He has been faithfully plugging along looking and applying for whatever might make sense.
He had two interviews in Kansas City today. They both went well and he has job opportunities with both. The biggest concern is the amount of work that he would be committing to for however long the Lord would allow him to have the job. Both companies spoke of 10-12 hour work days 6 days of the week. A little more than an average family man cares to spend with his job. The first company though has lots of promise and Spencer felt a real connection. We'll go on to KC mid week and he will spend a day with one of the crews to get a closer perspective.
Tomorrow he has hopes of meeting with two different Tree Care companies in Columbia, MO. One of them he has spoken with last fall and past employees have only very positive things to say about them.
Another option that we've tossed around before is going back to school. Either a Master's in Forestry or doing a Nursing program. Both of course would require a great deal of sacrifice for a time, but there is no time like the present they say. Tyler has been doing research for us and there is an accelerated Nursing program at University of Missouri. In 15 months he could be done and most of the tuition could be covered if you promise to work for the University for a time after you complete your program. He might apply and just see what door opens or closes. Going back to school is in our plan D. We'll see if it moves up on the list depending if it really would make sense and be worth the sacrifice.
Columbia has always been Spencer's first choice to live because his brother Tyler lives here and this is where he spent part of his childhood. I have always been very quick to shut down that idea, but as I come here with an open heart I find myself more receptive to it. Like any place, if I have my husband and my girls, I can go anywhere.
We've made a pros and cons list of all the possibilities and no place is perfect and no place would be horrible. It makes us confident that the Lord will truly show us what is next and best for everyone.
Oddly enough, there are several houses for sale within walking and viewing distance of Tyler and Noelle's. Of course, Jeff and Brady live next door. We could just start a commune!

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