Friday, April 8, 2011

7 months

This is such a fun stage. Myles is truly a wonderful baby. So grateful for his easy-going nature and ready smiles. He has slept 12 hours on average for almost a month and is now working on teeth 9 and 10. The 8th one took awhile, but it wasn't like I was hoping he would hurry. His bite is painful! He crawls around like a snake at this point and likes to get up on all fours and "rock". He sits up when placed that way and loves to get to the entry-way or kitchen so he can pound his hands on the hard floor to make noise. Usually, he enjoys adding his little squeal to the fun.
He follows me whenever he can and I do my best to not step on him when I am cooking or doing dishes. Mostly, I've learned to avoid the light colored shirts so I am not reminded how dirty my floors are. ha!
Because I am not on top of things, these pictures were taken a few days after he turned 7 months when I took a trip with just him to Colorado. This is at Aunt April's house, where he thoroughly enjoyed the soft new carpet. It was so wonderful to have time alone with him. A great oppotunity to bond in a special way without the distractions older sisters. He really missed them though, they bring him such great entertainment.

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Amy said...

Found your blog through your fb... What fun! :) Myles is a cutie.
My Miles just rolls everywhere, but it usually gets him where he wants to go. He's finally sitting up to play now too. Love this stage.