Sunday, April 10, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Can I just say I love the Target dollar spot? I go through withdrawal if I don't get a chance to check ours out once a week. Of course, this is a very dangerous area, as I can easily spend all my month's mad money in one trip. I usually find fun things for the girls and if I am really lucky I find educational workbooks that they love to do. Which they call "racing" books.
Anyway, the other day I found little pots and seed packets to start an herb garden. Last year none of our plants survived; either the ridiculous heat, being very pregnant, bugs or my not-so-green thumb. Most likely, the later. I wanted to have both girls help start our garden this year with the hopes that we have some better success if we grow our own seedlings to transplant. Haydee was so sick she couldn't join us on the first step, but we've got a lot ahead of us. Payge had so much fun helping me. I admit, I really am enjoying the fun of "4". She is full of questions, which often drive me to the point of insanity, but I love doing preschool projects with her and seeing her expand her world.
I am believing for future posts to show off how well our garden grows!

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heart4thenations said...

What a perfect project! Was she excited to see them when you got home!? Cute picture...she has all her teeth still!