Friday, April 15, 2011

Springtime Trip

I had to take a quick break from the lengthy description of the "first 8 hours". So here are some of  the pictures of what made it all worth while. We had a fabulous time and of course I loved showing off the kids to my grandma. She is such a wonderful example of strength and positivity. Since Papa Rollo passed in August, she has stayed busy and active and this was her second trip alone to Tennessee. We had a blast together, taking in the show my mom and Aunie are in and several parks nearby. We celebrated Haydee's birthday and enjoyed a lovely tea party. Mostly, we enjoyed spending time together.
Sword fight!

loose tooth

Happy Birthday to you!

Story time with grandma

Morning exercise

Tea Party

Walk downtown

Simply Devune!

Car picnic

Four generations

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hisartistaj said...

Oh I love these pictures! Specially story time with Grandma...and tulips apart of the action too. hehe. Plus morning workouts. All great pictures!