Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loosing it

Payge lost her first tooth! I can't believe it, she is only 4, but it makes her seem so much older. This is her crazy face when she doesn't like that we are taking her picture.

I decided it was time for hair cuts. Both girls always complain about me brushing their hair and short hair puts an end to that. I was going to have it done professionally, but the cheapskate in me won out. They're young, I can't scar them too badly, right?

Sorry about the blurry pictures. I was trying out a new camera. Yes, it looks uneven, but I promise it looks much better in person. Happy Birthday Mimi!

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hisartistaj said...

Great Job on the hair cuts! they look awesome!! :) I can't believe a missing tooth! does make her look so much older. wow!